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  • Watermelon Strawberry
    Watermelon Strawberry - 8.0oz cans 24 count
    The Switch
    This refreshing combination of carbonation, a splash of watermelon juice, and a burst of strawberry will tantalize your taste buds. Juice up with The Switch Watermelon Strawberry – it’s all the taste without the pits!Nutritional Information
  • Lemon Lime
    Lemon Lime - 8.3oz cans 24 count
    The Switch
    Fall in love with our new luscious Lemon Lime. Bet you can't say that 10x fast! Okay, it's not that hard, just wanted to see if you would say it. Luscious Lemon Lime—crisp, light and oh so refreshing! Nutritional Information
  • Orange Tangerine
    Orange Tangerine - 8.3oz cans 24 count
    The Switch
    This bold soda is absolutely bursting with citrus taste. Our delicious twist of juicy orange and tangy tangerine is 100% juice infused with carbonation. The Switch Orange Tangerine redefines orange soda.Nutritional Information
  • Black Cherry
    Black Cherry - 8.3oz cans 24 count
    The Switch
    This is the real deal. Unlike other cherry sodas, our all natural Black Cherry tastes just that – all natural. So naturally, our flavor is bolder and fruitier. You’ll love the refreshing combination of the delicious cherry juice and fizzy carbonation. So make The Switch to Black Cherry – it’s a natural choice!Nutritional Information
  • Kiwi Berry
    Kiwi Berry - 8.3oz cans 24 count
    The Switch
    We went down under for inspiration on our newest flavor (okay, maybe we were looking for an excuse to expense a trip to New Zealand). Anyhow, it didn’t take long to realize that the ripe native kiwi blended with a kick of strawberry was exactly what we were looking for. With the perfect balance of crisp fruit juice and refreshing carbonation, The Switch Kiwi Berry will turn your world upside down!Nutritional Information
  • Grape
    Grape - 8.0oz cans 24 count
    The Switch
    This crisp, delicious Concord grape juice combined with a burst of refreshing carbonation is like Nectar of the Gods. So live like a God and make The Switch to our Grape! Nutritional Information
  • Fruit Punch
    Fruit Punch - 8.3oz cans 24 count
    The Switch
    This is the knock-out flavor you have been craving. The Switch Fruit Punch is a killer combination of pineapple, orange, cherry, and grape juice pumped up by refreshing carbonation. So for a drink with a kick, try our Punch!Nutritional Information
  • Hardcore Apple
    Hardcore Apple - 8.3oz cans 24 count
    The Switch
    Ours is no run-of-the-mill apple juice, it’s HARDCORE. A sparkling fusion of red, green and yellow apple juices delivers a flavor so bold and refreshing it could only be from The Switch! Make The Switch to Hardcore Apple, it’s the juiciest sparkling apple yet! Nutritional Information
  • Variety Pack
    Variety Pack - 8.3oz cans 24 count
    The Switch
    Decisions, decisions, decisions! With flavors this good, we understand why you’d have a hard time choosing just one! Good thing you don’t have to. Our delicious 100% sparking juice variety pack gives you all the bold, refreshingly carbonated taste your taste buds can handle. Enjoy the choice. Enjoy The Switch.
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